About Us


CW2C offers a range of services for older women who

  • Are lonely or isolated
  • Have little or no social contact
  • Have no family/friends
  • Are housebound or have limited mobility
  • Suffer from anxiety stress or depression
  • Do not use or are not connected to local groups, social and other activity

How We Can Help

We can help you by:

Home Visiting: Sending a trusted volunteer who can speak your language and with your agreement to visit you and give you some company in the comfort of your own home

Befriending: Connecting you to a trusted ‘friend’ who you can simply call whenever you may feel lonely, wish to have a regular chat with, share your concerns etc

Helping you Make contact: with and use local groups & Activities used by other older people

Telephone Help Line:  Open 7 Days a Week  10am – 8:00pm

Call our helpline FREE anytime to simply have a chat if you feel alone, anxious, stressed, depressed or which to find out about something or need help with anything

Social events: organising regular social and cultural events

Connecting you to groups and activities organised by our Partners including the following

Southall Day centre:      Womens Group   Day

Meal Geal: Womens Group: Thursdays

Milap centre: Womens activity :  Day

HADIA: Somlai womens Group     Day/Time

We can also make arrangements for you to join in with activity with other local groups which meet your personal needs

Transport: We recognise that for many with limited mobility and or disabilities transport is necessary to enable them to attend events and access activity. Though we do not have accessible transport we will endeavour to do our best to coordinate transport to enable you to get involved.

Using mobile phones, internet & social Media to remain connected with family and friends We will help you to understand and make better use of mobile phones, internet & social Media to remain connected with family and friends here and across the world